Configurable VAV DDC Controls

VAV Terminal Units DDC BACnet Controller (ZEC510), and DDC non-communicating Controller (ZEC500)
ZEC500 & ZEC 510 controllers

VAV DDC Controllers

  1. Quick Start Guide - DDC Configurable Controller 
  2. IOM – VAV DDC Controllers                                                

(User Interface and Set-up Tool, - MAP GATEWAY, p/n TL-MAP1810-0P)

  1. Quick Start Guide - Map Gateway                                      
  2. User Guide - MAP Access Portal Gateway         
  3. Map Access Portal Gateway catalog page
  4. Product Bulletin - Map Portal Gateway                      
  5. IOM - Map Access Portal Gateway                                      
  6. Technical Bulletin - Mobile Access Portal Gateway

Wall Sensors for ZEC 500 and ZEC510  Controllers

  1. Catalog Pages – DDC VAV Controller Temperature Sensors

Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

  1. Catalog Doc - Discharge Air Temperature Sensor  TE-6300 Series Temperature Sensor


  1. BACnet MS/TP communications technical bulletin

Controls Sequence Wiring Diagrams

  1. Wiring Drawings

Web-Select, Web-Based, Selection Tool

  1. Web-Select User Guide


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